New Human and Social Deal

Combining technology and human capital

Augmented transformation will have a major impact on the DNA of companies. Changes will affect processes, organizations and, even more radically, business models. It is essentially based on the use of artificial intelligence, massive data (Big Data) and new technologies to enhance human capabilities and skills. But we still need to be able to anticipate and imagine, as far as possible, what the impact of these changes will be on the company, on work, on men and women, and on our society as a whole!


The New Human and Social Deal is proving to be an essential catalyst for Augmented Transformation, inviting organizations to rethink their strategies by placing human and social considerations at the heart of their technological evolution.

An unprecedented challenge for the world of work

A human-centered approach


Strategic Workforce Planning

Tools and a methodology to identify tomorrow’s key skills, both in kind and in volume, and enhance the action plan to secure the company’s performance.

Off-the-shelf training programs

We use Magellan Partners in-house (deployable in-class or remotely via our Datadock-certified training organization and our learning tool) to acculturate your employees (both service-oriented and technical/developer-oriented).

Bot & HR Gen AI

Artificial intelligence tools to automate and optimize HR processes and management sequences.

Employee Experience

Strategies for improving the employee experience in the age of Augmented Transformation.

Compliance Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Services to help companies comply with diversity, equity and inclusion standards.

Gen Z Experience

Strategies to meet the needs and expectations of Generation Z.

Intergenerational Management

Solutions to facilitate intergenerational management.

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Generative AI


Intelligent Business Platforms



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