Organization and IS

Becoming a player in your company's strategy


Business expertise

Magellan Consulting is the consulting firm of the Magellan Partners Group. It is the catalyst for its customers’ digital transformation. Composed of 55% business consultants and 45% IT consultants, it invents, implements and rolls out sustainable, responsible digital solutions to meet its customers’ challenges.


Our dual skills and our sectoral knowledge mean we can support our customers during sea-changes in their businesses and their technological foundations to tackle new business models and societal transition.

HR support for transformation

Providing the keys and building the organization to enable HRDs to support the company’s major transformation projects.

Human Capital Management

The company’s competitive advantage now lies in attracting and managing the appropriate skills.

New ways of working

Bringing together remote working and face-to-face working using new technologies

Digitization of finance

Dematerializing, automating and equipping finance department processes to improve the company’s financial performance

Steering cockpit

Structuring data and creating processes and analytical indicators to equip decision-makers and identify levers for action

ISD Financial steering

Steering strengthened performance to improve reporting to Senior Management, the Finance Department and all business lines


Adapting and rolling out best practices in IS management and digital value creation.

ISD Performance

Capturing and driving the demand of your business, enhancing agility and performance in your projects.

Publications and Analyses


2020 IT Market Observatory

Since 2017, CIGREF and Magellan Consulting have partnered up to provide an IT Market Observatory, based on recognized sources, in an attempt to give a European-centric view of the IT market and its major trends, and to respond to the major questions posed by decision makers.


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