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Magellan Sécurité

Magellan Sécurité, an entity of the Magellan Partners Group, offers integrated solutions to protect against internal threats and cyber attacks.


Composed of 50 certified, trained consultants, Magellan Sécurité offers and integrates innovative security solutions tailored to every need. Our partner network was selected with care. We work with European and global software partners who offer proven solutions.

Digital trust

Defining and structuring a trusted environment to ensure the quality and veracity of digital transactions

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Identity management

Supporting and developing the control of the lifecycle for identities accessing your information ecosystem and related accesses (IAG, IAM, PAM, IDaaS)

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Data protection

Facilitating data identification and classification. Optimizing the security of critical information

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Securing the Cloud

Optimizing access to multi-cloud data while controlling the level of access and security

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Offering security services that automate essential and preliminary tasks, a reliable and efficient basis on which to tackle your business security challenges

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