Security Consulting

Put cybersecurity at the heart of your transformation


Our dual expertise

By combining expertise in “risk and compliance governance” and “cybersecurity audit & pentest”, our Security activity provides a global response to the many challenges you face:


  • Know their level of risk and the effectiveness of the means implemented according to their size and their context
  • Assess the level of protection against cyber risks
  • Define or adapt a relevant, pragmatic security & compliance strategy

Assess resistance to cyber attacks

Identify the vulnerabilities and the fit between the means of protection/detection for all or part of the IS and for the organization’s business lines

Assess your Cybersecurity maturity

360° assessment of how your security is organized by bringing together views on governance, compliance and technical assessment

Define your global Cyber strategy

Keep members of management in organizations abreast of the strategy to be applied in terms of cybersecurity in line with their challenges and means

Implement Cybersecurity

Rollout of the Cybersecurity strategy through the implementation of services and organizations allowing security and/or compliance objectives to be met

Steer your Cybersecurity

Steer the transformation of the security sector and manage the run of the ISS activity


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