DATA & Digital Strategy

Placing digital innovation center stage


Digital transformation firm

Magellan Consulting is the consulting firm of the Magellan Partners Group. It is the catalyst for its customers’ digital transformation. Composed of 400 consultants, it invents, implements and rolls out sustainable, responsible digital solutions to meet its customers’ challenges.


Our model allows for 360° support by providing our customers with our strategic, data, and sectoral expertise.

Digital Strategy and Innovation

Building new products and services via the integration of new uses and emerging technologies

New ways of working

Bringing together remote working and face-to-face working using new technologies

Cloud and Devops

Initiating or continuing your Cloud transformation by tackling business, technological and organizational aspects

Zero-carbon IT

Becoming familiar with the IS’s digital footprint to limit its environmental impact

Data Science and AI

Predicting events or emulating human behavior to provide an anticipated, proactive response

Smart Cities & Territories

Supporting the transition of territories and spaces by redesigning their information systems and liberating their data

Digital Network

Supporting your transformation by defining target architectures and operating models as well as by identifying the most appropriate technologies and services for each business context.

Service Design and Product Management

Standing out via an innovative value proposition, co-build based on customer expectations and conceive projects end-to-end with employees

Publications and Analyses


Tomorrow’s work model is HYBRID

The digital transformation of companies and their workspaces accelerated dramatically during the COVID crisis. Organizations were forced to urgently reinvent their processes and roll out new tools to meet the constraints brought on by the pandemic.

In this context, how can you make your company resilient ?


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