The Augmented Consultant at Magellan Partners

Welcome to the era of Magellan Partners’ Augmented Transformation. Our “Augmented” Consultants are the embodiment of this. They combine human and technological intelligence in their missions, to guide companies towards a future that is more value-generating, more sustainable and more human.

Combining business knowledge and mastery of the transformative power of intelligent technologies

Mastering smart technologies

They master the use of Generative AI and understand the transformations brought about by intelligent technology platforms. By harnessing the full potential of these innovations and the most effective tools for his or her job, the Consultant “increases” his or her capabilities and added value, so that he or she can focus fully on the essential challenges.

A thorough knowledge of the business

Augmented Consultants understand the fundamentals of the business and sector in which they operate: the challenges and specific processes involved, so they can provide practical advice and methods.

An employee with a lasting conscience

Fully integrating the imperative of sustainable development, the Augmented Consultant draws on his knowledge of CSR and regulations to intervene on the impacts of digital and integrate sustainability issues into his sector of activity.

Magellan Partners, an engaging and learning company

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